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Geico Fighting Policy Coverage in Motorcycle Chase Case

Geico, one of the nation’s top auto insurance providers, does not want to honor an insurance policy after a man severely injured another in an automobile chase down a Florida highway.

In October 2014, Aurielio Gabriel Silva used his truck to pursue Louis Santos, a man he believed to be a motorcycle thief. Now, Geico is fighting to honor the policy because Silva’s conduct nullifies terms of his agreement with the company.

In initial statements to authorities, Silva admitted that he chased Santos after he saw him riding on a motorcycle that he believed had been stolen from his shop. Silva also admitted to police that he “accidentally” ran over the alleged bike thief, and later shot him when he worried that Santos was reaching for a gun.

The insurance giant also indicated in court documents that Silva has fled to his native country, Brazil, presumably to avoid a potential attempted murder charge in connection with the incident. Geico has claimed that the terms of Silva’s insurance policy require that he submit to examination under oath, as often as the company may require.

Santos, who suffered a number of severe injuries as a result of Silva’s pursuit, is currently pursuing damages in a civil suit against Silva, and is expected to face trial connected to the incident in January 2016.

When Motorcycle Accidents Cause Personal Injury

When motorcycle accidents occur, they have the potential to cause significant personal injury. Unlike car accidents, motorcycles are lighter in weight and smaller in design, and even the most minor accidents can result in broken bones or some form of physical injury.

Most victims of these types of accidents require medical care, which carries with it hefty expenses. Additionally, some injuries can be so severe that victims require long-term medical or rehabilitative care.

Some common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents include:

Getting adequate and timely medical care is crucial to recovery from injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents, but the costs associated with it present a significant challenge. Therefore, if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident resulting from another’s negligence, you should consult with a legal professional at your earliest opportunity.

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane care about you and your need to recover compensation for your injuries. Our legal team is comprised of the finest personal injury professionals, who work with medical and insurance providers to cover your immediate and lasting medical needs. We are committed to protecting your future interests, and can devise a strategy to help you reach a favorable solution.

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