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Spinal Cord Injury Attorney In Las Cruces, NM

The most basic but critical reasons behind spinal cord injuries are – slips, falls, and trips. While other severe causes such as – the act of violence or motor vehicle accidents can majorly contribute to spinal injury However, any victim injured due to unsafe premises or negligent maintenance can claim a compensation claim for spinal cord injury.  

Compensatory claim against spinal cord injury - Las Cruces, NM

If your family member is a victim of a car accident, slip and fall, motor vehicle accident or involved in the act of violence, the chances are high that it may cause spinal cord injury to them. In that case, it's highly recommended to consult a doctor immediately and get it checked. Else injured person may negatively impact his recovery and may weaken his case against an injury claim. Therefore, any medical professional will first examine the cause of injury and determine the nature and extent of injury caused.  After obtaining the necessary treatment, it's essential to consult a certified and licensed Las Cruces spinal cord injury attorney. He will gather the required information from the doctor and assess the situation accordingly. And determine whether the victim can file a compensation claim against the convicted party responsible for his spinal cord injury.   Our Las Cruces personal injury attorney provides free/no-obligation consultation and further assistance to evaluate available chances to claim any damage.  

Spinal cord injury lawyer - Las Cruces, NM

We have experienced Las Cruces spinal cord injury attorneys at our Law Office of Samuel I. P.A.  These attorneys will first examine the case and help determine the potential amount of damage or injury caused during the accident, which will be claimed against the degree of negligence and spinal injury caused.  Our spinal cord injury lawyers can also refer clients to capable and well-known medical providers who will assist the victim with the right amount of treatment at the lowest cost possible. And after the completion of treatment, our firm will ensure that all your medical bills associated with treatment are paid. While the right amount of compensation claim has been filed against the convict responsible for physical damage, pain and emotional suffering.  However, spinal injuries are not apparent in most cases where a person driving a motor vehicle meets with an accident and does not face any severe property damage. In such a scenario, the chances of getting your spinal cord hurt are very less. 

How Las Cruces spinal cord injury lawyer helped client - Las Cruces, NM

Our client was affected in a car accident, which resulted in minor vehicle damage. And our Las Cruces spinal cord injury lawyer established the cause of injury and usefully recovered a significant amount as compensation claim for medical treatment – surgery cost and compensation for physical pain and emotional suffering. 

The personal law office for immediate assistance after facing the following injuries - Las Cruces, NM

We have listed two sections below, focusing on casualties caused by vehicles or any uncertain reason covered by our law firm. Accidents involving vehicles: 
  • Bicycle Accident 
  • Bus Accident 
  • Car Accident
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents 
  • Truck Accident 
Other injuries: 
  • Brain Injury
  • Dog Bite 
  • Slip & Fall 
  • Premises Liability (getting injured on your premises) 
  • Spine Injury 
  • Wrongful Death 

Samuel I. Kane for spinal cord injury - Las Cruces, NM

The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane has extensive experience in handling spinal cord injury cases and related claims. While helping hundreds of clients recover the deserved claim against injury caused by the convicted party.  Moreover, we can assist and refer our clients to well-known medical professionals who provide necessary treatment and further assistance on time. 

Contact Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer for a Free Consultation - Las Cruces, NM

Mostly, it's not easy to claim compensation for a spinal cord injury, as it's known to be the most complicated area of personal injury claim.  But our Las Cruces spinal Cord Injury Lawyers are trained to represent your case aggressively and help obtain the maximum value of compensation claim against damage caused by accident. Call us today to get professional assistance and free/no-obligation consultation. 


Difference between a "complete" and "partial spinal cord injury"? 

Partial or incomplete spinal cord injury means the spinal cord can still communicate with the brain and make sensations or movements.  And complete spinal cord injury means - the injured person or victim loses control over the spinal cord and loses the ability to control movement. 

Is there any way to ensure whether the attorney is seeking proper compensation for my spine injury?  

Unfortunately, suppose you have recently experienced spinal cord injury due to someone's negligence in an accident. In that case, it's recommended to consult a doctor, seek the necessary treatment, and follow physicians' directions carefully.  Your doctor will assess the total damage caused and dictate the sum compensation claimed against your injury as the treatment goes. Else, your medical treatment can risk your case and even harm your overall health. 

Is it common for a car or truck accident to cause spinal cord injury? 

As per the previous record, 24% of injuries are caused due to car or truck accidents every year. But when it comes to major injuries like - spinal cord injuries, nothing is common, and our injury lawyers understand it well. That is why they investigate every detail related to your case and determine the seriousness of your injuries. And ensure that the maximum value of the compensation claim has been raised. 

Who will be held responsible for the damage if I get injured due to spinal cord injury? 

If your spinal cord injury is caused due to someone's intentional misconduct or negligence behaviour, then he will be held liable for complete medical expenses. Be it vehicle operator, property owner or company – once we establish their fault against your spinal cord injury, they will be held liable against complete financial recovery. 

Is it necessary for spine injury attorneys to work with other professionals to prove my claim? 

When it comes to a serious injury like spinal cord injury, it's obvious for our injury lawyers to work with medical and liability experts. They will strengthen and pursue your case towards the best possible outcome. And coat enough compensation claims to fully fill clients present and future financial requirements.