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Dog Bite Attorneys In Houston, TX

People victimized by dog bites can consider filing a case against the homeowner or dog owner. You must prove the dog owner's negligence to claim a dog bite compensation. Most homeowner insurances cover dog bite cases; therefore, you can consult a dog bite lawyer and file a claim against them. 

Personal Injury from A Dog Attack in Houston, TX

A dog attack can result in injuries, both minor and major. whatever the case may be, a dog bite victim can suffer unrestrained injuries such as
  • Trauma
  • Nightmares
  • Panic attacks
A dog bite injury can cause emotional turmoil in a person; the victim may get nightmares or even panic attacks. He may fear encountering a dog again at any place. There are chances of a person getting anxiety attacks on seeing a dog. Therefore, our dog bite lawyers consider evaluating the pain and suffering and getting deserving compensation to the clients.  He may also be physically wounded in a way that stops him from doing his regular chores. Thus, a dog bite injury can also cause loss of earnings, capacity to earn, and more. Therefore, it is your legal right in Houston to file compensation against the homeowner for causing problems to you and your family. 

Is There Any Settlement for Permanent Injuries Caused by Dog Bite? 

Any injury by a dog bite can lead to material, biological and emotional injuries. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to evaluate the pain and suffering on a monetary basis. However, our dog bite attorneys are trained to examine the situation and collect documentation to support the case. After accessing the physical injuries and the impact on daily life, the lawyers turn to study the mental and emotional trauma of the victim. Finally, they seek help from medical professionals to get a clear report of the current state of the victim.  As per the extent of a dog bite, there are chances of a person getting a permanent injury. Thus, it will be reimbursed in monetary form to help the victim recover from the losses. The amount of compensation is evaluated based on the extent of the permanent damage. For example, if a person loses his earning capacity completely, the amount is evaluated. 

Who is Held Responsible for Dog Bite Injuries in Houston? 

Houston law holds the homeowners responsible for dog bite cases. However, dog owners have to take care of their dogs and ensure that the dogs do not cause any injury to the guests, property, and outsiders. It is, therefore, by law, mentioned that if a dog bites any uninvited guest on non-gated premises, then the dog owner will be held responsible for that. So, when a dog bites you or any of your family members, you should duly check that the dog owner had first issued a warning to bystanders, guests, and trespassers about the possible threat of a dog attack. You are eligible for compensation when the homeowner does not exercise standard care rules.

How do Dog Bite Attorneys Represent Sufferers in Houston? 

The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A in Houston, TX, has experienced lawyers who handle dog bite cases with utmost grit and dedication. You can schedule a free consultation with the best injury lawyer to get legal guidance on the matter. Our attorneys are familiar with the state policies and homeowner insurance policy conditions. We use this knowledge to obtain compensation for our clients suffering from dog bites and attacks. In addition, we get the claim for our client whether or not the dog owner owns the house where the attack happened. Speak with our dog bite lawyers today!

How Does the Dog Bite Law Firm Help the Victims of Dog Bite? 

Dog bite cases are usually unpredictable. A person who is well informed of animal behavior can also become a dog bite victim. There are various reasons for a four-pawed animal, like the fear of being in danger to attack people in his surroundings. Dogs can attack anyone, such as a physically vulnerable kid. You can imagine the kind of hurt and injuries a little kid can suffer when a dog attacks him aggressively. A personal injury lawyer expert in dog bite cases will help you get your due compensation, including the cost of medical care, rehab center, and emotional pain. It is suggested to take any action against the dog owner at the earliest after being bitten by the dog. You can schedule a free legal consultation with a dog bite injury lawyer at our office in Houston. 

When is a Dog Owner Held Responsible for a Dog Bite?

According to Houston law, certain conditions must be met before holding a person financially responsible for a dog attack case. The conditions are
  • The owner must know that the dog is vicious and has the tendency to attack people. Dog owners can know about this behavior when a dog might have injured somebody before.
  • If the owner fails to control his dog when it is obvious to attack others in his vicinity.
According to the Houston laws, dogs of most breeds are allowed one free bite in their lifetime. In such a case, you cannot hold the owner responsible for the attack if the dog has ever acted viciously before. However, there are laws to compensate for the loss even when the dog was never vicious. It is the owner's responsibility to check the dog's behavior and understand the extent of their aggressiveness.

Long Term Consequences of a Dog Bite

Dog bites are scary painful and can cause long-term consequences and physical effects. The consequences can be
  • Tendon Injury
  • Broken Bones
  • Infection
  • Post-Traumatic Anxiety
  • Scarring
  • Nerve Damage
Generally, dog bite victims need rehabilitation to cure muscles, joints, and bone health. Victims also require psychological treatment to confound the mental trauma in some cases. In addition, permanent damages also affect the victim's family on a mental, financial basis in the long term.

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