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Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Write a Demand Letter for a Personal Injury

Getting seriously injured can be a life-altering event. Activities you used to do all the time might now be painful or impossible. Your mobility might be impacted, limiting where you can go and what you can do. And you might find yourself unable to work, losing out on both income and peace of mind.

Car Seat, Booster Seat & Seat Belt Laws in Las Cruces, New Mexico

This piece was originally published 2/15/2020, and has been revised and updated on 10/6/2022.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, 72% of children killed in motor vehicle crashes were occupants of a vehicle. (Pedestrians and bicyclists made up 17% and 3%, respectively.) While even one death is too many, it is worth noting that between 1975 and 2020, the total number of “occupant deaths” for children 13 and younger decreased by 61%. The main difference between the 1970’s and now? The introduction of seat belt laws, and moving children to the back seat and into car seats or booster seats.

“The Most Common Types of Personal Injuries in New Mexico”

Statistically speaking, New Mexico is one of the safer states to live in. But that doesn’t mean that no accidents or personal injuries occur here. Personal injuries happen all the time, and they may not look what you’d expect them to be. Here are seven of the most common personal injuries in New Mexico, and what you should do about them if they occur to you or a loved one.

3 Things Personal Injury Lawyers Know that Can Help You After an Accident

A lot is going on at once when you’re in an accident. It can be challenging to deal with all the moving parts in the situation, such as insurance, legal reports, and any injuries you or your loved ones have sustained.

A Sample Demand Letter for a Slip and Fall Case

A demand letter is the first step for a victim of a slip and fall accident to get fairly compensated for their injuries. The demand letter serves to notify the person that caused the injury (or their insurance company) how much it will take to satisfy the victim’s claim.