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Brain Injury Lawyers In Galveston, TX

Traumatic Brain injuries leave a long-lasting impact on the person and the family of the victim. Ideally, the human brain is safe from getting injured in small accidents. However, if the accident includes a jolt or a blow, it may damage the brain. Such injuries can lead to loss of the earning capacity of a person. Therefore, Mexico has laws to compensate a person with brain injuries to get his life back on track. You can hire a brain injury attorney to get your brain injury losses evaluated and legally claim your deserving amount. Contact the Law Office of Samuel in Galveston for the best legal guidance. 

Which Accidents can Cause Brain Injuries? 

Several factors can result in brain injuries. Any act or accident that involves an impact, whether minor or severe, can cause brain injury to a person. It may include: 
  • Multivehicle collision
  • Motorcycle mishap
  • Violence among people or groups
  • Fall or slip
  • Explosive blast or combat injuries

What is the Importance of Hiring a Brain Injury Lawyer? 

You need to hire a traumatic brain injury attorney to evaluate the situation after brain injury and calculate the amount you can claim from the liable party responsible for causing the injury.  In many cases, the victim might not know about the brain injury for a long time as the symptoms might take time to manifest and show the reactions. The reactions and consequences of a brain injury include: 
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of memory
  • Permanent memory loss
  • Cognitive functional damage 
  • Emotional and Mental Health loss and more. 
It is common for people to comprehend the severity of the injury a lot later after the accident. Treating symptoms related to brain injury or the brain injury itself is a long-term and expensive process. In addition, the victim and the family go through a distorted lifestyle. They have to bear many expenses such as medical bills and rehabilitation. In addition to this, the person also loses wages and the earning capacity. In other words, the causes of brain injuries are very complex. Therefore, if you want to claim compensation from the liable party, you will need legal aid and medical professionals to work together. So, for the best brain injury attorneys in Galveston, get in touch with the law Office of Samuel. 

How can Brain Injury Attorneys Help in Dealing with Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies and their attorneys tend to defend themselves and minimize the claim amount by hitting the claimant differently. However, an experienced brain injury lawyer from the Law Office of Samuel will help comprehend the deserving amount by law and according to the situation.  You can schedule a free consultation appointment with the attorneys at our Galveston office to appraise your claim options. In addition, when you hire our services, you will pay the service fee only after receiving your financial compensation amount. 

Other Personal Injury law services that you can avail after an accident at our Galveston office

We comprehend that personal losses are caused by various factors, leading to the victim’s financial, mental, physical, and emotional losses. Therefore, we also provide legal assistance in the following: 
  • Car Accident
  • Brain Injuries
  • Dog Nibble
  • Motorcycle Mishaps
  • Spine abrasion
  • Truck Crashes
  • Stroller catastrophe
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Bicycle Mishaps
  • Bus Crash and more
The attorneys at the Law Office of Samuel are experienced in brain injury cases. Therefore, they have maximized the claim amount for many people. We have a huge network of medical professionals who help in evaluating the situation of the victim’s injuries. It helps us determine the impact of the injury; thus, the losses include medical expenses and loss of wages. 

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Call us to book a free consultation appointment with the experienced attorneys of the law office of Samuel office in Galveston. We use our network of private investigators, legal advisors, and medical professionals to evaluate the situation. Our lawyers go through intense discussions and prepare extensively to represent you in court and insurance companies. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Injury Legal Cases

How is brain injury detected and used in improving the personal injury claim? 

Brain injuries are detected by medical professionals using various tests and exams. First, they run neurologic imaging tests. Then, to comprehend the exact situation, the person has to go through MRIs and CT scans.  The medical documentation also includes the time it might take to recover and the expenses required to complete treatment with rehabilitation. The documentation is used to determine the financial compensation for medical bills, loss of wages, and other related losses to the victim and the family. 

Can Brain Injuries Be Different in Different people? 

Yes, there are many types of brain injuries that people suffer. The severity of brain injuries depends on the impact of the accident and the part of the brain that is damaged. Every brain injury requires a different degree of care, treatment, and time.  People who suffer from mild brain injuries experience a few side effects but gradually heal. A moderate brain injury has prolonged symptoms like seizures or impairment in motor skills. They require intensive care and also have expensive treatment. Similarly, severe brain injuries have heavy consequences like coma, paralysis, or impaired movement. 

Why are Brain Injury Settlements Larger than Other Injuries? 

Brain injuries differ in severity. The more severe your brain damage is, the more money you need to treat it. It may include surgeries, tests, therapies, and medication. In many cases, people also need rehabilitation and home-based care. Therefore, the cost increases; thus, the losses also increase. In addition, the long-term absence from work leads to loss of earnings and capacity to earn further. Therefore, the financial compensation is larger in brain injury cases than in others. 

Why should I hire a Brain Injury Attorney? 

A brain injury attorney will help you determine the personal loss in terms of finances, emotions, physical losses, and more. The experienced attorneys represent you before the court, and insurance companies negotiate with them to get you your due share of financial assistance to cover the large losses. 

After the accident, how many years do I have to file a brain injury law claim? 

You have here years from the date of the accident to file a brain injury claim against the liable party with the help of a brain injury lawyer in Galveston, New Mexico.