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Slip and Fall Attorneys In Galveston, TX

Slip and Fall accidents can happen anywhere, anytime due to slippery or waxed floors, uneven surfaces, rough or slippery paths, weather conditions, and more. But it is one of the leading reasons for unintentional deaths and severe injuries - broken bones or hips, ligament, and even brain damage. Therefore, it becomes vital for a victim to compensate for its losses.  So, if you or your loved one is suffered a recent slip and fall accident, you can contact Galveston Slip and Fall Attorney for help! 

Proving A Slip and Fall Injury - Galveston, TX

Anyone can slip and fall, but these cases pose challenges for the victim or entity keeping or monitoring the premises. In such a case, if the injured party wants to pursue a claim successfully, they have to prove that the victim was negligent or contributed to slip and fall accidents. Moreover, their injuries should not be pre-existing. Otherwise, their claim can fail. If you are also finding the same difficult to file a claim for your losses, Galveston slip and fall lawyers at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. is here to help! We will inspect your case of slip and fall closely, find the evidence, the degree of negligence from the person responsible for the accident, and of course, the compensation amount.

What Are The Property Owners Duties to Keep Their Premises Harmless?

According to the New Mexico Department of Health, falls are the leading cause of accidental injury death for 65 years of age and older in New Mexico. When you visit a business or public place, you expect it to be safe. It's a legal duty of a building owner and manager to keep the place secure and hidden problems free.  The property manager/owner needs to inspect the premises frequently. They must look for dangerous conditions such as a puddle of liquid, loose stairs or even a walking path that is generally unnoticeable. If a hazard exists on the property that the owner knew or should have known about, the owner is liable for the visitor's injuries. If the situation is in which the visitor was injured before the property owner or manager has an opportunity to clean up or maintain the place, then the law is different. There are fewer chances that the manager/owner would be liable for victim injuries. 

How Slip And Fall Attorneys At The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane Can Help?

If someone's carelessness played a role in your slip and fall accident and still ignored the condition, you might be entitled to fair compensation as per New Mexico law. Our Galveston slip and fall accident lawyers at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane have tremendous experience and handled hundreds of clients and their claims.  The lawyers will thoroughly investigate the case and prepare your lawsuit against slip and fall accidents and related injuries. Then, assess available evidence, including eyewitness reports, security camera footage, and the accident area. This process helps our lawyers to evaluate how long the harmful condition existed and determine whether the property owner had enough time to fix the fault before you got injured.  We provide a free consultation and handle all legal matters of your claim dignifiedly. Hence, our main aim is to provide our clients with the right recovery and get their life on track. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to have a free consultation. 

Things To Do When Injured In a Slip and Fall - Galveston, TX

Slip and fall accidents are the most problematic situations. But if you get injured in a slip and fall, it is vital to pursue medical treatment promptly. Also, don't forget to report the incident to the supervisor or other person in charge at the location.  If possible, you can also collect evidence and then call your experienced premises liability attorney. The lawyer can help you file the compensation and negotiate your claim.  If your accident involves a government-owned property, the injured party must file their offense claim notice within the specified period to preserve the personal injury claim. But if you wish to take expert advice, you can contact a licensed Galveston personal injury attorney to examine and determine the degree of negligence. 

Right of Slip and Fall Injured Person As per Different Place - Galveston, TX

  • Local grocery store
Store owners need to take care of their customers and provide them with a friendly environment and safe premises. But if the property managers do not fulfill their duty and the situation turns into a serious slip and fall accident, the injured person has the right to compensation.
  • Workplace
If someone in the workplace is injured due to an employer's negligence, the victim has the right to pursue a workers' compensation claim. But, keep in mind this rule has some exceptions. So, it is better to hire a licensed attorney to look into the real situation.
  • Restaurant
It's common to deal with slip injuries in a busy restaurant. But if customers report their spills and staff members avoid talking and continue to work and prioritize other tasks, it may be against the law. Therefore, its managers and other staff members must keep their restaurant clean, safe, and free from dangers if they do not face legal problems.
  • Apartment
The apartment owner has a legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment, such as keeping the stairs and the apartment clean and safe for visitors. In any case, if the owner fails to provide security and fails in his duty, he will be entitled to monetary compensation for any physical injury, pain, loss of wages, and emotional suffering.
  • Public and private sidewalks
Whether the sidewalk is publicly owned or privately owned, the owner's duty to maintain a safe and secure walkway remains.
  • Airport
If a slip and fall accident occurs at the airport and the victim wants to establish legal responsibility for their injury, first determine the exact location where the incident took place. Then, file a Notice of Infringement of Liability for a claim. Also, it is important to know all the premises owned and controlled by a city, state, or county.

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