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Memorial Day Safety in Elephant Butte, NM

Memorial Day weekend signals the start summer, welcoming the warmth with a three-day weekend. Long weekends are perfect for a getaway to Elephant Butte, New Mexico, where fellow campers, boaters, and sun-seekers await. These weekend revelers travel in droves to reach the beautiful destination that allows them to forget about work and worry, if

Woman Facing Manslaughter Charges Four Months after Fatal Motorcycle Accident

In October 2016, a Ford Escape swerved into the path of 18 motorcycles, instantly killing a woman and severely injuring her husband. Four months later, the driver is facing criminal charges, including second-degree manslaughter. The driver was also charged with assault in the third degree, tampering with evidence, interfering with an officer and operating

Texas METRORail Trains Involved in Two Fatal Bicycle Accidents in One Week

As Houston transformed into Super Bowl Central in early February, new concerns were raised over the city’s METRORail system, after trains were involved in two fatal accidents involving bicyclists. According to local authorities, the first accident on February 3 involved a Rice University professor who had, according to investigators, crossed into the train’s path

When to Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Not every personal injury claim requires the expert handling of a personal injury attorney. Sometimes the claims process is simple and straightforward, the compensation is fair and structured, and there is no threat of long-term or permanent disability. But there are situations when the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney are worth

The Traumatic Brain Injury Basics

Brain injuries are often referred to as an “invisible” injury. This is not only because the brain and the damage it has suffered is not visible to the naked eye. It is because to an outside observer, someone with brain damage may still appear to be displaying “normal” behavior. At the law office of