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Las Cruces

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Dog Warden May Be Sued for Fatal Dog Bite Incident

A county dog warden is facing a wrongful death case for a dog bite incident in Ohio sometime in 2014. The local trial court initially dismissed the lawsuit after the defendant warden argued that he did not own or harbored the dogs that attacked the decedent. The trial court’s decision was later reversed when

Man Seeking Damages after Icy Slip-and-Fall at Best Buy

A slip and fall injury can happen virtually anywhere. Although property owners and managers have a legal duty to maintain hazard-free environments for tenants and patrons, accidents do happen. Some of the most common sites for these types of accidents are: Sidewalks Railways Staircases Floors in residential or other commercial premises Illinois Example A

Victim of Car Crash Narrowly Escapes Serious Personal Injuries

Early in December, a young woman lost control of her vehicle and found herself on the side of the road. The woman was trapped inside of her vehicle before being rescued by two men who were able to pull her out of the car. At the time of the accident, she was seven months

Wrongful Death Suit Filed on Behalf of Las Cruces Man

A man in Las Cruces was killed after being run over by his fiancée in a pickup truck. The two allegedly got into an argument and he exited the vehicle. It is reported that his fiancée then ran over him with the truck and he died a few hours later at Las Cruces hospital

Distant Hope for Spinal Injury Victims as Brain Microchips Cure Paralyzed Monkeys

Recently, researchers in Switzerland have created a microchip that can be implemented into a paralyzed monkey’s brain. This microchip allowed the monkeys to walk only two weeks after the surgery. These monkeys suffered from lower spine injuries before the microchip but have almost entirely recovered. Despite this promising research, scientists fear that a cure